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PermaFrost NMR® — Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is PermaFrost NMR® and why do you call it a “Surface Science” and not an Oil Additive?

Though PermaFrost NMR® is installed into the suction side of any climate control system, PermaFrost NMR® is categorized as surface science thermal technology, not an oil or refrigerant additive. Unlike those types of products, at no time in the ECM (energy conservation measure) process does PermaFrost NMR® materially mix with, alter or chemically affect the viscosity, flashpoint or pour point of the refrigerant oil in the equipment. The same is true for the refrigerant. It is also important to understand that PermaFrost NMR® is not a detergent or a solvent. PermaFrost NMR® simply uses the refrigerant as a transport mechanism to carry it throughout the system during the gestation period.

Once injected inside a system, PermaFrost NMR® immediately becomes attracted to all metal surfaces, embedding itself into the microscopic crystal lattice and taking itself out of active circulation. This chemical process is actually one of displacement, in that PermaFrost NMR® replaces the refrigerant oil impinged within the crystal lattice of the heat exchanger(s) and all metal surfaces which is known as oil fouling. This displacement action then produces a Nucleo Molecular Regenerative (NMR®) impingement of the crystal lattice surface resulting in superior heat energy transfer. Working together, these actions result in energy savings measured at the equipment level of 10-30%, thus producing an Return on Investment (ROI) in months instead of years.

The displacement of the oil fouling within any climate control system happens slowly over several weeks. After the initial oil fouling is removed from the crystal lattice, the combination of the PermaFrost NMR® treated surfaces and refrigerant flowing across those surfaces, prevents oil fouling from ever reoccurring. This newly treated crystal lattice surface also allows metal to transfer heat more efficiently. Heat is one of the primary causes of metal degradation, which can lead to catastrophic failures.

Inside the compressor, PermaFrost NMR® will not, in any way, impede the design specifications of the instantaneous oiling system. The compressor’s oil will still adhere to the treated surfaces long enough to provide the needed mechanical lubrication. The appearance is that PermaFrost NMR® enhances the lubrication properties of the oil. In actuality, it’s the surface heat transfer abilities of the metal that have been changed. This allows the oil to provide even more effective lubrication because there is less surface heat energy within the mechanical friction to overcome.


2. What are the main benefits of PermaFrost NMR®?

Removing oil fouling from the heat exchange surfaces allowing the system to reach set temperatures quicker, which in turn enables the climate control system to shut off or unload for longer periods. The benefits include:

  • A reduction of 10-30% in energy consumption directly at the unit

  • An improvement in the thermal heat energy transfer ability of the overall system

  • The restoration of system capacity and EER lost over time

  • A slight reduction in Amp draw due to reduction of mechanical heat energy


3. Will PermaFrost NMR® negatively affect my Climate Control System equipment warranty? The answer is no. PermaFrost NMR® is NOT an oil additive. It DOES NOT affect the viscosity, flashpoint, pour point or any other characteristics of the equipment refrigeration oil or the refrigerant. This greatly concerns manufacturers. Large sums of money are expended in the development of lubricants to be utilized for their equipment. Their initial assumption is that we are adding something to the chemistry of the lubricant. PermaFrost NMR® temporarily uses the refrigerant only as a transport mechanism to allow it to be circulated throughout the system heat transfer surfaces.


4. Does PermaFrost NMR® come with any type of equipment warranty?

Yes. Powertron Global® (PTG), the manufacturer of PermaFrost NMR®, provides up to $1,000,000 of liability coverage for every climate control system in which PermaFrost NMR® is installed, and up to $2,000,000 per geographical location. This warranty will cover any failure of mechanical components due to the use of PermaFrost NMR®. Detailed information regarding this warranty is available from the manufacturer Powertron Global®. In more than 100,000 installations there has never been a liability claim against the product. As part of this warranty, Powertron Global® will also cover any potential loss of revenue or products for up to $2,000,000 that results from a climate control system outage directly attributable to PermaFrost NMR®. Coverage duration is for the remaining life of the warrantied equipment.


5. Is PermaFrost NMR® eligible for energy rebates? Yes. PermaFrost NMR® is currently approved for rebates by ConEdison of NY and Baltimore Gas & Electric of MD with additional entities in the State of Florida, the mid-west and the mid-Atlantic accepting this ECM in 2013. Since Powertron Global® was approved by Con Edison and Baltimore Gas and Electric in May of 2012, several hundreds of thousands of dollars in PermaFrost NMR® rebates have been approved.


6. Is PermaFrost NMR® really sustainable? Yes. PermaFrost NMR® is a sustainable, one-time treatment that lasts for the remaining useful life of any system it is installed in, provided it is not adversely acted upon by catastrophic forces within a system such as water or acid exposure. Once PermaFrost NMR®is allowed a period of 45 days to absorb into the crystal lattice thermal heat energy surfaces of climate control systems it will not be affected by service based loss of refrigerant due to leaks, evacuating or changing oil.


7. How long has Powertron Global® been around?

Powertron Global®, the manufacturer of the multi-patented PermaFrost NMR® surface science nanotechnology, was incorporated in 2002 in the state of Louisiana as a privately owned company. The headquarters has since moved to its current administrative headquarters located in Austin, TX. The manufacturing facilities for the family of PermaFrost NMR® products resides in Houston, TX. The company also has a southeast regional sales office and supports affiliates located throughout the U.S. and numerous foreign countries.


8. Are there any special handling requirements for PermaFrost NMR®?

No. The product is totally safe for both humans and the environment. See the MSDS sheet for more details.


9. How long does the product take to install?

The product takes less than 30 minutes to install in most climate control systems, which includes the time necessary for ensuring the system being treated is in good operating condition. The installation also requires no down-time of the equipment so there is no interruption to a customer’s normal business operations.


10. How much PermaFrost NMR® is required to treat the many different types of climate control systems in operation?

A Powertron Global account representative can quickly help a customer determine the proper dosage amount and type of PermaFrost NMR® for their specific application.


11. Is PermaFrost NMR® compatible with R-505 and other types of refrigerants?

We have seven different PermaFrost NMR® products and one in particular is compatible with 505. Additionally we have compatible products for all types of refrigerants and refrigerant blends including Ammonia. For specific application commercial chiller commercial refrigeration and comfort cooling plants, Powertron Global® will custom blend a product applicable to the particular combination of refrigerant, refrigerant oil and temperature ranges from high to ultra low.


12. If my system has a heat separator, do I still need PermaFrost NMR®?

A Heat separator is a device that attempts to remove oil from refrigerant. This device does separate a majority of the oil out of the refrigerant, but not all of it. Even if you have a heat separator, PermaFrost NMR® will still improve the efficiency of the chiller because it works in the heat exchangers, not in the refrigerant.


13. Which PermaFrost NMR® do I use for which refrigerant type? A Powertron Global representative will help a customer determine the right type and amount of PermaFrost NMR® required for every application.






















Our mission is to ensure your organization can save up to 15% in energy cost by using the affordable, renewable, and susatainable Permafrost line of products. Our focus is on high quality products and services, with strong technical and application knowledge to support each item we offer.

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