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Affordable, Renewable, Sustainable!

About Inyrge

Inyge is an eco-friendly company focusing on efficient energy. We feature Powertron Global’s products which can make your HVAC equipment run 15% to 30% more efficient and reduce your carbon footprint dramatically. The patented PermaFrost® formulations are specifically designed to clean the HVAC coil system from the inside and neutralize the effects of oil fouling. PermaFrost® formulations work in a synergistic manner to activate, lubricate, and improve thermo-conductivity without compromising the existing components of a refrigeration system.






















How Permafrost Works                                Executive Summary
Why Permafrost                                             Case Study
Our Services


Powertron Global’s PermaFrost NMR Product Line offers PermaFrost NMR ® in synthetic and mineral based formulations. PermaFrost NMR ® DX for small DX units. PermaFrost NMR ® DXL formulated for large DX units. PermaFrost NMR ® A for ammonia systems. PermaFrost NMR ® C a custom formulation for your chiller, and PermaFrost NMR ® for Ice-Makers. The PermaFrost NMR Product Line has a specific product to meet your HVAC application requirement.




​Get Green in 2013 with Inyrge!


Putting the substantial positive environmental impacts into better perspective, according to the United Slates Environmental Protection Agency, the 18,300 kWh savings generated by each single unit of PermaFrost NMR™ over a 10-year period will avoid 12.9 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions.

Advanced Technology


PermaFrost NMR™, a multi-patented surface science nanotechnology, was developed in 2002 as a uniquely effective way to save energy when installed into all types of heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration (HVAC/R) systems.

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